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McDonnell Douglas DC-8

McDonnell Douglas DC-8

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Key Features Douglas DC-8:

  1. Passengers - 162 Pax
  2. Range - 3,760 Nautical Miles
  3. Cruise Speed - 483 Knots
  4. Ceiling - 52,000 Feet
  5. Fuel Burn - n/a GPH



Make an urgent calculation of the cost of a private flight!



The cost of a private flight

The air broker can tell the final cost of a private flight from Italy to European countries or other foreign countries only after determining the key parameters of the flight. The price of the flight depends on:

  • The planned number of passengers;
  • Business jet class. The cost is affected by the capacity of the aircraft, its cruising speed, the level of equipment on board, the flight range without refueling, fuel consumption, the year of production of the liner, and other factors;
  • Flight season – it is more profitable to rent a business jet in advance before the start of the holiday season since the increasing demand for the service increases its cost, and the number of available aircraft significantly decreases;
  • Flight route and distance;
  • Duration of parking on the territory of the destination airport. Business jets are often immediately rented in both directions for business flights. In this case, the cost of the service includes parking and maintenance of the aircraft at the point of arrival;
  • Service level. The cost of the flight can be increased if it is necessary to organize escort, security or to fulfill individual orders of the client, such as buying tickets for events, renting housing, etc.

After clarifying all the nuances of the flight, you will sign a contract. It will prescribe the final cost of the business jet flight. It will change only if the customer has changed the departure date, increased the number of passengers, or made other significant adjustments.


private flights to Europe


The cost of the flight on the McDonnell Douglas DC-8 includes:

  • rental of a private plane with a pilot and crew along the entire route;
  • payment of airport charges on the way;
  • standard VIP meals for passengers;
  • round-the-clock informing of the customer or his authorized persons about the progress of the flight;
  • parking at the following airports;
  • accommodation of crew members in a hotel (if necessary);
  • fast customs and passport control services.


The cost of renting an airplane does not include:

  • extension of airport opening hours if necessary;
  • de-icing treatment of the aircraft.


Prices for private flights within Italy

  • Rome (CIA) - Verona (VRN) ~ 8200 EUR
  • Milan (LIN) - Olbia (OLB) ~ 8500 EUR
  • Napoli (NAP) - Carpi (LIDU) ~ 7000 EUR
  • Turin (TRN) - Bari (BRI) ~ 12 000 EUR
  • Palermo (PMO) - Florence (FLR) ~ 10 000 EUR
  • Venice (VCE) - Milan (MXP) ~ 6 800 EUR
  • Genova (GOA) - Napoli (NAP) ~ 10 100 EUR
  • Bologna (BLQ) - Milan (LIN) ~ 4 800 EUR
  • Florence (FLR) - Rome (FCO) ~ 7 000 EUR
  • Bari (BRI) - Rimini (RMI) ~ 9 700 EUR
  • Catania (CTA) - Palermo (PMO) ~ 10 500 EUR
  • Cagliari (CAG) - Verona (VRN) ~ 10 300 EUR
  • Palermo (PMO) - Venice (VCE) ~ 11 200 EUR
  • Rimini (RMI) - Milan (MXP) ~ 11 200 EUR
  • Reggio Calabria (REG) - Turin (TRN) ~ 14 400 EUR
  • Verona (VRN) - Rome (FCO) ~ 7 600 EUR
  • Messina (REG) - Napoli (NAP) ~ 10 800 EUR
  • Bergamo (BGY) - Bologna (BLQ) ~ 5 900 EUR
  • Pisa (PSA) - Florence (FLR) ~ 8 000 EUR
  • Como (MXP) - Rome (CIA) ~ 9 000 EUR
  • Carpi (LIDU) - Milan (LIN) ~ 6 300 EUR
  • Siena (SAY) - Palermo (PMO) ~ 10 500 EUR
  • Olbia (OLB) - Milan (MXP) ~ 8 900 EUR
  • Genova (GOA) - Bologna (BLQ) ~ 5 700 EUR
  • Lampedusa (LMP) - Rome (CIA) ~ 12 600 EUR
  • Lamezia Terme (SUF) - Milan (LIN) ~ 12 800 EUR


The price is based on a 2-passenger flight on a private Douglas DC-8 or similar models. However, these are only approximate figures, please contact our managers for exact information.


online calculation of the cost of renting a private jet


Prices for international private flights

  • Milan - Nice ~ 7 200 EUR;
  • Milan - Munich ~ 8 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Geneva ~ 8 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Paris ~ 9 400 EUR;
  • Milan - Zurich ~ 7 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Ibiza ~ 13 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Cannes ~ 8 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Bern ~ 7 400 EUR;
  • Milan - Malaga ~ 17 800 EUR;
  • Milan - London ~ 13 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Palma de Mallorca ~ 12 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Athens ~ 16 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Madrid ~ 16 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Frankfurt ~ 9 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Barcelona ~ 11 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Dubai ~ 60 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Vienna ~ 10 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Warsaw ~ 12 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Hamburg ~ 11 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Belgrade ~ 12 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Sofia ~ 12 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Brussels ~ 10 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Dublin ~ 16 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Cologne ~ 10 200 EUR;
  • Milan - Stockholm ~ 15 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Tirana ~ 12 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Marseille ~ 9 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Zagreb ~ 8 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Copenhagen ~ 12 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Krakow ~ 11 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Frankfurt ~ 9 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Oslo ~ 15 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Zaragoza ~ 13 600 EUR;
  • Milan - Sevilla ~ 18 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Helsinki ~ 17 900 EUR;
  • Milan - Athens ~ 16 600 EUR;
  • Milan - Rotterdam ~ 11 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Stuttgart ~ 8 400 EUR;
  • Milan - Vilnius ~ 16 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Dortmund ~ 10 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Gothenburg ~ 14 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Lisbon ~ 17 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Antwerp ~ 11 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Lyon ~ 8 400 EUR;
  • Milan - Skopje ~ 12 900 EUR;
  • Milan - Almaty ~ 73 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Nur-Sultan ~ 60 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Reykjavik ~ 27 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Dubrovnik ~ 11 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Innsbruck ~ 7 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Moscow ~ 25 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Minsk ~ 19 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Monaco ~ 7 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Amsterdam ~ 11 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Berlin ~ 11 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Budapest ~ 10 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Larnaca ~ 21 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Tel Aviv ~ 25 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Chambery ~ 8 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Prague ~ 9 600 EUR;
  • Milan - Riga ~ 15 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Malta ~ 14 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Istanbul ~ 17 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Madeira ~ 25 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Doha ~ 59 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Delhi ~ 95 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Anguilla ~ 135 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Bali ~ 160 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Barbados ~ 140 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Fiji ~ 110 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Belize ~ 120 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Las Vegas ~ 180 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Pattaya ~ 160 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Bangkok ~ 150 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Hong Kong ~ 170 000 EUR;
  • Milan - GOA ~ 100 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Singapore ~ 190 000 EUR;
  • Milan - New York ~ 115 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Tokyo ~ 200 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Toronto ~ 125 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Johannesburg ~ 190 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Colombo ~ 185 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Kuala Lumpur ~ 220 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Los Angeles ~ 190 00 EUR;
  • Milan - Miami ~ 150 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Macau ~ 210 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Seychelles ~ 130 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Maldives ~ 150 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Virgin Island ~ 140 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Bahamas ~ 155 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Hawaiian Islands ~ 160 000 EUR;


* Estimated price before taxes & fees.


online booking of flights


Stages of preparation for flight on the Douglas DC-8

After submitting the application, the organization of the flight takes place in 4 stages:

  1. The first is flight planning. Flight requests are sent, and private planes suitable for the client's requirements are selected. As a rule, initially, we send 3-6 options to the client. If one of them responds to you, we will book a business jet, and if not, we will adjust and continue the search. The technical department deals with security issues, and the legal department controls all the international subtleties of flight organization;
  2. A contract is concluded with the client. The contract prescribes the duties and responsibilities of the parties, the date of departure, the level of service, additional services. It is mandatory to indicate the cost of the flight and payment terms;
  3. The third stage involves providing a flight. The team of air brokers responsible for the organization of the flight repeatedly checks requests for take-off and landing of aircraft and for parking at the airport. Specialists are also responsible for receiving slots, submitting requests to aviation services, to VIP halls, catering on board, transfer;
  4. The fourth stage is the private flight itself. A personal aviation consultant is engaged in passenger registration, ordering passes. The broker has all the relevant information about the status of the flight and will help you go through all the procedures in an accelerated version.


The service is considered completed only after passengers land at the airport and pass all customs procedures. In almost every European airport, we have our own employees who are able to provide assistance and promptly solve any difficulties that arise.


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Online calculator of the cost of a private plane flight

The calculator for calculating the cost of renting a private jet in the Italian Private Jets company is a convenient tool that will allow you to choose the best flight option online. Charter flights on Douglas DC-8 do not have stable prices, unlike regular flights. This is due to the fact that each client can have their own wishes on the type of liner, comfort level, additional services, and flight route. The online calculator allows you to find flights around the world, create a budget and conduct a preliminary search for an airplane with a crew. You will not have to spend time searching, collecting, and analyzing ready-made offers from air brokers, operators, and owners of business jets.

Fill out all the fields of the form, as well as specify your contact details. If you want to make the calculation as accurate as possible, we ask you to fill out the application with as many details as possible. The answer will be sent to your email or messenger in automatic mode. Also, all the details of the calculation can be clarified with the consultant online - in any way convenient for you (via WhatsApp, Telegram, email, or chat on the website).

Flight cost calculator

From whence
Where to
Number of passengers
Departure date
Return date
Your name
Your phone number


Please note that the prices are indicative - we recommend contacting our company's manager for a more accurate calculation. They will make a calculation for free, taking into account the specifics of your flight (number of passengers, aircraft model, crew, etc.) - thus, you will be able to get the exact cost of your flight in 15-30 minutes.


Payment terms

After signing a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 business jet rental agreement, you can pay for the service in cash, by bank card, cryptocurrency, or with an invoice. If necessary, we always meet customers halfway and select the most acceptable payment options for them. We cooperate with leading Italian and European banks – therefore, in most cases, we manage to make all the necessary payments promptly.

We provide all the necessary documentation for your accounting department and prescribe transparent conditions for canceling flights (in case your plans have changed). We always try to find a consensus with the owners of the aircraft and make sure that the amount of the fine is minimal, especially if the flight was canceled due to force majeure.


Individual charters on private jets


How to pay for a flight

  1. We agree on the terms of the contract and send it to you by e-mail or messenger
  2. We issue you an invoice with a fixed price
  3. After the receipt of payment, we secure the board for you

If you have any questions or would like to get advice from our specialist, fill out the form below or call us.





Always overshadowed by its competitor, the Boeing 707, Douglas's first jet airliner nevertheless enjoyed some market success. Thanks to modifications and fuselage lengthening, its production lasted more than 15 years.

The DC-8 designation originally belonged to a four-engine jet airliner under development for land routes, a mockup of which was built by Douglas in 1952. But airlines had limited interest in the plane, and its development was halted the following year. But by early 1955, attention to jet aircraft began to increase. The firm "de Havilland" and the British authorities announced that they had managed to figure out the cause of the Comet airliner crashes in 1953 - 1954, and that a new long-range modification of the Comet 4 in 1958 would enter the transatlantic routes.

In March 1955, the U.S. Air Force ordered the first batch of refueling planes based on the Boeing 367-80 prototype, which meant that the jet transport planes would be properly tested before appearing on civilian airlines. "Pan American, which was most wary of British airliners over the Atlantic, was the first American airline to enter the jet market. "Boeing instantly offered an airliner based on the 367-80, ready for delivery in 1957.

"Douglas, without a flying prototype, could not give a start date for deliveries of its airliners. More powerful engines for military aircraft were in development at the time, with civilian versions due at the end of the decade. With such engines came the opportunity to create a jetliner capable of crossing the North Atlantic without an intermediate landing in Tender, Newfoundland, as the Comet 4 and first variants of the Model 707 had had to do. In addition, the larger aircraft had a wide passenger cabin to accommodate six seats in a row. These considerations formed the basis for the design of the new DC-8 presented to Pan Am Airlines in June 1955.

The DC-8 was clearly superior to the airliner proposed by Boeing, and the latter had to develop a larger version of the Model 707, which was not ready until 1957. After several months of intensive negotiations, Pan Am ordered 20 Model 707s and 25 DC-8s in October 1955. The Model 707 airliner, capable of flying across the Atlantic with one stopover, was to confront the British on these routes from late 1958. The DC-8 Intercontinental with the new Pratt & Whitney JT4A engines (the civilian version of the J75 turbofan) was due to enter service a year later. Only 12 days later, United Airlines became the first carrier to order 22 DC-8s in the less-powered version for use on domestic routes in the United States. One of the reasons United preferred the DC-8 was its wide cabin, and Boeing immediately decided to increase the diameter of the Model 707 fuselage as well.

In designing the DC-8, Douglas strictly adhered to the concept of creating a single basic airframe that, with a minimum of modifications, could be adapted to different types of missions. While Boeing actually produced three different aircraft (the original Model 707-120, the long-range Model 707-320 and the shortened Model 720), all versions of the Douglas airliner prior to 1967 did not differ in appearance and had the same control system, electrical and hydraulic systems and air conditioning. The engines and fuel system were different, as was the power design of the airframe. The long-range versions had a heavier weight, and they were built using thicker, more durable materials. This was especially true of the power components, such as the upper and lower wing skins, the tail section of the fuselage, the horizontal fins, and the landing gear struts.

The DC-8 was one of the first large transport aircraft with a high subsonic speed designed to meet commercial standards of reliability and safety. Much attention was paid to wing design in the design of the airliner. Like the Model 367-80, it was swept, with four engines in the nacelles, and was noticeably narrower in both chord and thickness, while accommodating the main landing gear struts with a large track. But Douglas did not have the experience that Boeing had in creating such structures and used more conservative solutions in its design. Therefore, the wing of the DC-8 had a narrower sweep than the Model 707 and did not have strong mechanization on the leading edge. Instead, fixed leading edges were located on the outer side of each engine, which adversely affected the economics of the aircraft in cruise flight. Roll control was also unusual. Instead of using separate ailerons for high-speed control, Douglas installed two-section ailerons. The inner section was driven directly from the aircraft's hydraulic system and was mechanically connected to the outer section (used at low speeds) by a torsion shaft. At high speed, aerodynamic loads exceeded the torque in the torsion, not allowing the outer section to deflect and reducing the load on the wing. A notable feature of the wing was the absence of any aerodynamic ridges or turbulators - a solution that remained unique to airliners until 1982, when the Airbus A310 appeared.

The DC-8 was somewhat cheaper than the Model 707 (a situation that persisted in the aftermarket even in the 1970s) and somewhat slower, although the difference in speed only became noticeable when flying long distances. Both airliners, after an initial period associated with accidents and catastrophes due to the difficulty of mastering new jet technology, have proven to be quite reliable machines. The Boeing was more efficient in operation, but the Douglas design was less demanding in maintenance.

The first of the DC-8s to take off was the local version ordered by United, the DC-8-10. This occurred in May 1958, and the machine began commercial operation in September 1959. Equipped with Pratt & Whitney JTX-6 61 kN engines (the same as on the smaller Model 707-120), the DC-8-10 clearly suffered from a lack of thrust. Only 28 aircraft were sold, many of which were later equipped with more powerful engines. By this time Boeing had not only put the Model 707-120 into service, but also developed and began delivering the Intercontinental Model 707-320 airliner, which held more passengers than the DC-8. From that point on the Model 707 surpassed the DC-8 in sales.



The McDonnell Douglas DC-8 aircraft is among the top 50 most popular models of business aviation in Italy and Europe. It is perfect for making a private flight, thanks to the high level of comfort and reliability. The business jet has proven itself well among pilots, they note the improved control system, the latest security systems, and trouble-free engines. We should also note the cabin of the aircraft, which is distinguished by thoughtful ergonomics and allows passengers to feel comfortable. All these qualities have made the Douglas DC-8 an excellent option for flights within Europe. Moreover, private jet is actively used by Italian business aviation for domestic flights. Depending on the layout of the cabin, it can be used for vacation flights, business flights, and even small group flights. Experts note the roomy luggage compartment of the business jet, which allows customers not to think about restrictions and take everything they need to the plane.

Italian Private Jets aviation broker will help you to rent a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 and arrange a flight, taking into account all your wishes. Our database contains more than 320 variations of this aircraft, differing in the year of manufacture, layout, interior trim, and other important nuances. Experts will help you compare and choose the best option based on your wishes and considering the price/quality ratio. We have gained 15 years of successful work in business aviation, we have accumulated vast experience that allows us to take into account all the nuances of organizing a private flight and choosing a business jet. Photo and video materials are provided for each model so that you can visualize the aircraft and study all its features. A personal air broker will tell you about all the subtleties of this aircraft in relation to your route. You can also ask him/her any questions regarding the capacity of the luggage compartment, the height of the ceiling, and other technical characteristics. All our employees are true business aviation professionals who will tell you in detail about each plane and help you book it.


private jet flight


We offer flexible booking conditions for a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 private jet. You can pay for the flight in euros or dollars, through an invoice account of a European bank, in cash, by card, and in cryptocurrency. The priority method is an invoice, but we are always ready to meet our customers halfway and try to find a solution that is convenient for you. All flights are conducted officially, and the company's managers, if necessary, will provide you with all the necessary documents for accounting. The company's activities are regulated by European standards of service and document management. At the same time, we guarantee complete confidentiality of flights. If necessary, we will help to achieve the deletion of flight data in systems such as Flightradar and ensure maximum privacy. Italian Private Jets works with both individuals and legal entities. We guarantee an individual approach to each client, regardless of the budget and type of flight.


How do I book a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 for a private flight?

If you want to rent a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 private jet, use the online form on the website or contact our operators in any way convenient for you (phone, email, or messengers). Italian Private Jets air brokers will be happy to answer all your questions and help you book this aircraft in the layout you need. Our databases contain business jets of this model of various years of production - the most recent aircraft released this year are available to customers. However, it should be borne in mind that the newer the aircraft is, the higher its flight cost will be. At the same time, if you were offered a five- or even ten-year-old Douglas DC-8, do not be afraid. Private planes undergo very thorough maintenance, and such an age of the liner does not in any way affect the level of flight safety. Many customers use the analogy with cars - the older it is, the more it will break. This is partly true, but the level of service and technical standards of business jets are radically different. We offer you only 100% proven options. Therefore, air brokers often offer models which are 5-10 years old in order to save your budget and make the flight more financially profitable. However, if you want to fly exclusively on the new McDonnell Douglas DC-8 - no problem, we will find a suitable option and help you book it.


The McDonnell Douglas DC-8 is a passenger jet airliner developed by the American aircraft manufacturing company McDonnell Douglas for long-haul flights.

The design and development of the aircraft McDonnell Douglas DC-8 began in the mid-1950s, with the aircraft meeting all modern requirements, providing safe and comfortable air travel for passengers.

The first flight of the airliner McDonnell Douglas DC-8 was made on May 30, 1958, with the original design had a few design flaws that were corrected during the year, and in September 1959, the passenger aircraft was officially introduced to the public and similarly launched into mass production.


private jet McDonnell Douglas DC-8


Airliner McDonnell Douglas DC-8 was equipped with modern avionics, which made the flights as comfortable as possible for the crew, while at the same time providing the aircraft proper safety conditions. Among other things, according to many experts, the developed design proved to be very successful, and later on the basis of the fuselage of this aircraft were created such world-famous aircraft as the McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Boeing 747, Lockheed L-1011 TriStar and others.

The power plant of the passenger aircraft McDonnell Douglas DC-8 is represented by four turbofan aircraft engines, allowing a power of 84.5 kN each (depending on the series of release). Cruising speed of the passenger airliner McDonnell Douglas DC-8 was about 950 km / h (depending on the modification), and the flight range could range from 9518 kilometers to 12139 kilometers.


jet McDonnell Douglas DC-8

Aircraft size
Length (m) 47,7
Height (m) 12,9
Cabin dimensions
Wingspan (m) 45,5
Main characteristics
Model Douglas DC-8
Cruise speed (km/h) 890
Maximum flight altitude (m) 12800
Optimal number of passengers (persons) 162
Max takeoff weight (kg) 152000
Flight range (km) 10780
Maximum number of passengers (PAX) 162

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