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We organize private flights on business jets

Italian Private Jets company provides business aviation services and specializes in the organization of VIP flights around the world. We have 15 successful years of experience that allows us to organize a private flight, both inside Italy and throughout Europe. Thanks to the unique business jet database, which includes about 8000 private jets, we will be able to quickly choose the best option for you, taking into account the specifics of the route and your wishes.

The flight is prepared by a team of qualified air brokers who are able to instantly resolve the issue with European aviation services at all levels. Our representatives at the leading Italian airports will take care of all the nuances of organizing and coordinating flights, searching for free slots, paperwork, and other nuances. We guarantee a high level of comfort at all stages of your flight – starting from booking a business jet and ending with a transfer to the airport. We are appreciated for our attentive attitude to customers and individual approach to each task. When contacting Italian Private Jets, we guarantee reliability, safety, and a quick solution to any aviation tasks. Urgent departures on business aviation planes are possible within 3-4 hours after the request. You can find out the details and calculate the cost of the flight through our managers using the above phone numbers or through online forms on the website.


private flights to Europe


Private flights on business jets

Upper-class people lead a fairly active lifestyle. Businessmen, heads of large companies, managers often solve work issues and tasks in different parts of the world. Constant travel is exactly what these people cannot imagine their lives without. Punctuality is extremely important. If you don’t want to be late for a meeting with business partners, it is worth giving preference to such an option as renting a business jet with a personal pilot. This service is available to everyone.

An individual flight is a unique opportunity to get to the right airport quickly and in a pleasant atmosphere. Business aviation services have always been in demand among wealthy citizens. Even more applications for business jet rentals in European countries were made with the beginning of the pandemic - after all, unlike state-owned airlines, private air brokers have more opportunities when organizing international flights. A significant advantage of such flights is considered to be an insignificant number of passengers on board, and this significantly reduces the risk of infection with viral diseases.

In addition, the growing demand for business jet rentals can be explained by several other factors:

  • The ability to select the departure time. The client chooses the flight schedule independently;
  • Security. It applies not only to the absence of force majeure situations in the sky but also to a smooth landing, as well as to the use of systems in the cabin that purify the air from pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Flexibility. Business aviation planes, unlike airliners used by state-owned companies, can land at small airports, including private ones. Representatives of business aviation can arrange flights using helicopters if necessary;
  • Confidentiality. Booking planes is often preferred by those famous personalities who do not want fans, business partners, or just strangers to know about their movements around the world.


Business Aviation offers many options for renting private planes. There are programs (Jet Sharing and Empty Legs) that allow you to fly around the world with discounts, and this also explains the popularity of individual flights. Business jets used in charter flights are always equipped with the best equipment and have everything you need for a comfortable flight in the cabin. That is, business aviation passengers always get to their destination airport in the most convenient conditions for them, quickly and without a long wait for flight check-in at the airport.


private jet rental


The main types of flights

Italian Private Jets offers dozens of variations of flights within the framework of business aviation. You can contact us if you need an organization of:

  • Tourist flights – flights are booked to both beach and ski resorts. Some clients prefer privacy on remote islands, others want to visit exotic places. Besides the flight by plane, we will also be able to take you to the desired location by a business class helicopter with increased comfort;
  • Business charters. Business flights are in demand in cases when businessmen or officials need to have a connection with other people during the flight. That’s why we offer aircraft with satellite communications, office equipment, a separate area for negotiations;
  • Corporate flights. Such a flight is usually ordered by large corporations that have decided to encourage employees with a few days of rest at resorts or send them to a seminar in another city. This type of flight is often used when flying to the international offices of the company;
  • VIP charters. This is the name of the flights of famous show business and media personalities, as well as popular athletes;
  • Medical transportation. An air ambulance is required when it is necessary to urgently deliver a patient for surgery or treatment to another city or country. It also allows you to safely transport an injured tourist home. Medical flights involve the use of aircraft equipped with medical equipment and accompanied by doctors. We will take care of all the nuances and help you solve this difficult task;
  • Cargo flight. Business jets are periodically requested from us to transport fragile items, expensive equipment, or luxury items. Sometimes cargo can only be delivered to some regions by air;
  • Sightseeing flight. This is an exclusive mini-trip over natural places and attractions, allowing you to appreciate their scale and beauty from the air. If necessary, a guide can be provided for the tour;
  • Wedding flights. Due to our company, you can organize a wedding ceremony on board an airplane in the sky. We will take care of the guests, the buffet, and the creation of a wonderful atmosphere;
  • Shift flights. Highly qualified specialists can only get to some remote places by helicopters or airplanes – especially drilling rigs, oil platforms, etc.;
  • Geological exploration expeditions. During the rental period, the equipment can be installed on the aircraft, with the help of which geologists can assess the state of natural resources from the air.


We can arrange flights for the first persons of the state. We have successful experience in organizing such flights. Besides that, we regularly work with VIP athletes and musicians, so we are ready to offer you the professional organization of complex flights, including tours with many stops. Moreover, we note that many of our customers like to travel with animals on board – this is not a problem for us. We will be able to arrange the most comfortable flight for you and any dog or cat, taking into account all the features of a pet. Besides that, Italian Private Jets specializes in such flight programs as Empty Legs and Jet Sharing, they allow you to save money and at the same time fully meet all business aviation standards. We will tell you more about such options below.


Make an urgent calculation of the cost of a private flight!



What is business aviation aircraft convenient for?

Flying on a private business jet is convenient primarily because the flight schedule adapts to the needs of the client. That is, there is no need to focus on a pre-arranged schedule and coordinate the departure time with other passengers. However, the convenience of such air travel is explained by other criteria. These are the ideal technical condition of private aircraft, as well as excellent flight performance:

  1. High cruising speed;
  2. The use of innovative avionics, which facilitates the landing and take-off of business jets in adverse weather conditions;
  3. Maximum flight range without refueling;
  4. Salons equipped with appliances with comfortable transformable furniture and separate areas for work, rest, and eating.

Being equipped with innovative technology, the business liner can be used as a place for meetings and business negotiations. Models with a separate sleeping place, shower, and multimedia entertainment systems are often booked for long distances.


italian private jets


Italian Private Jets has an expanded fleet of business jets, with which you can satisfy all the requests and wishes of customers. Our database consists of:

  • Ultra light private jets. These are mobile, small business jets that are in demand, mainly in situations where the flight does not take more than 3 hours. The capacity of the liners is from 3 to 7-9 people;
  • Light aircraft. They overcome up to 3.5-4 thousand km without landing for refueling. The salons are not too spacious, so light air transport is used when the duration of the flight is no more than 4 hours;
  • Medium-sized jets. It is this kind of transport that is most often used when organizing flights to European countries. Ultralight aircraft can fly 5-6 hours without refueling. Their salon has a separate bathroom, a bar, and conditions for eating;
  • Heavy jet liners. They are designed mainly for transcontinental flights. The average capacity is 18-20 people, although there are models that can accommodate more than 100 passengers. You can fly an average of 6 hours without refueling on heavy jets. The board of the liners has everything you need not only for recreation but also for fruitful work;
  • Long-haul business jets. They belong to the flagship aircraft. Companies producing innovative models have combined the best technological solutions in them. In the most expensive variants, the equipment of the salon is comparable to a suite in prestigious hotels.


The type of liner is chosen mainly taking into account its capacity and flight distance. The speed and carrying capacity of business jets is determined not only by the altitude of the flight but also by weather conditions. Therefore, it is better to choose an aircraft model with an experienced air broker who will be able to pick up transport, taking into account the flight characteristics and the customer's wishes.


business aviation airports


Comprehensive flight organization

If you prefer to travel by business aircraft and want to go on another flight, you just need to apply and sign a contract. The rest will be handled by Italian Private Jets employees. Each client receives the help of a personal consultant with whom it is possible to coordinate all the nuances of the upcoming trip. A team of experienced specialists organizes the flight so that passengers only have to arrive at the airport, go through accelerated check-in, get into a business jet and enjoy the flight in comfortable conditions with premium class service.

When booking a private jet in our company, each client can be sure that:

  • The flight will be absolutely safe. A business jet must be thoroughly tested before departure, the cabin must be disinfected, and the operation of avionics, navigation, and noise attenuation systems must be checked. The planes are operated by experienced pilots who are able to ensure a soft landing in the most difficult conditions;
  • If there is an urgent need, the board will rise into the air within 3-4 hours. We understand that you need to be at your destination as quickly as possible in exceptional cases. Our company has developed special algorithms, thanks to which it is possible to quickly and officially obtain all flight permits;
  • The business jet will be prepared for the type of flight and the tasks to be solved in the air. That is, medical planes are equipped with additional equipment, business planes must have communication and the Internet, and conditions for a full rest are created for tourists;
  • Strangers will not know about the flight. Confidentiality is another main motto of our company, we respect the privacy of our customers and keep all the information provided confidential. We can also achieve the deletion of flight data in systems such as Flightradar;
  • The service will be organized according to the VIP standard. If necessary, we will deliver passengers to the airport in a luxury car, help them pass registration and customs, and lift their luggage on board. The organization of the flight also includes catering, paperwork, and crew selection.


The company's employees can also choose a suitable transfer option, arrange a flight using helicopters or private yachts, and book accommodation. All the conditions of the flight are discussed individually with the client, an official contract is signed after agreeing on all the details.


complex organization of the private flight


The cost of a private flight

The air broker can tell the final cost of a private flight from Italy to European countries or other foreign countries only after determining the key parameters of the flight. The price of the flight depends on:

  1. The planned number of passengers;
  2. Business jet class. The cost is affected by the capacity of the aircraft, its cruising speed, the level of equipment on board, the flight range without refueling, fuel consumption, the year of production of the liner, and other factors;
  3. Flight season – it is more profitable to rent a business jet in advance before the start of the holiday season since the increasing demand for the service increases its cost, and the number of available aircraft significantly decreases;
  4. Flight route and distance;
  5. Duration of parking on the territory of the destination airport. Business jets are often immediately rented in both directions for business flights. In this case, the cost of the service includes parking and maintenance of the aircraft at the point of arrival;
  6. Service level. The cost of the flight can be increased if it is necessary to organize escort, security or to fulfill individual orders of the client, such as buying tickets for events, renting housing, etc.

After clarifying all the nuances of the flight, you will sign a contract. It will prescribe the final cost of the business jet flight. It will change only if the customer has changed the departure date, increased the number of passengers, or made other significant adjustments.




The cost of the flight includes:

  • rental of a private plane with a pilot and crew along the entire route;
  • payment of airport charges on the way;
  • standard VIP meals for passengers;
  • round-the-clock informing of the customer or his authorized persons about the progress of the flight;
  • parking at the following airports;
  • accommodation of crew members in a hotel (if necessary);
  • fast customs and passport control services.


The cost of renting an airplane does not include:

  • extension of airport opening hours if necessary;
  • de-icing treatment of the aircraft.

These are the prices for a round-trip flight for 2 days for 8 people from Rome or Milan.


italian business aviation


Prices for private flights within Italy

  • Rome (CIA) - Verona (VRN) ~ 8200 EUR
  • Milan (LIN) - Olbia (OLB) ~ 8500 EUR
  • Napoli (NAP) - Carpi (LIDU) ~ 7000 EUR
  • Turin (TRN) - Bari (BRI) ~ 12 000 EUR
  • Palermo (PMO) - Florence (FLR) ~ 10 000 EUR
  • Venice (VCE) - Milan (MXP) ~ 6 800 EUR
  • Genova (GOA) - Napoli (NAP) ~ 10 100 EUR
  • Bologna (BLQ) - Milan (LIN) ~ 4 800 EUR
  • Florence (FLR) - Rome (FCO) ~ 7 000 EUR
  • Bari (BRI) - Rimini (RMI) ~ 9 700 EUR
  • Catania (CTA) - Palermo (PMO) ~ 10 500 EUR
  • Cagliari (CAG) - Verona (VRN) ~ 10 300 EUR
  • Palermo (PMO) - Venice (VCE) ~ 11 200 EUR
  • Rimini (RMI) - Milan (MXP) ~ 11 200 EUR
  • Reggio Calabria (REG) - Turin (TRN) ~ 14 400 EUR
  • Verona (VRN) - Rome (FCO) ~ 7 600 EUR
  • Messina (REG) - Napoli (NAP) ~ 10 800 EUR
  • Bergamo (BGY) - Bologna (BLQ) ~ 5 900 EUR
  • Pisa (PSA) - Florence (FLR) ~ 8 000 EUR
  • Como (MXP) - Rome (CIA) ~ 9 000 EUR
  • Carpi (LIDU) - Milan (LIN) ~ 6 300 EUR
  • Siena (SAY) - Palermo (PMO) ~ 10 500 EUR
  • Olbia (OLB) - Milan (MXP) ~ 8 900 EUR
  • Genova (GOA) - Bologna (BLQ) ~ 5 700 EUR
  • Lampedusa (LMP) - Rome (CIA) ~ 12 600 EUR
  • Lamezia Terme (SUF) - Milan (LIN) ~ 12 800 EUR


The price is based on a 2-passenger flight on a private Challenger 605 or similar models. However, these are only approximate figures, please contact our managers for exact information.


online calculation of the cost of renting a private jet


Prices for international private flights

  • Milan - Nice ~ 7 200 EUR;
  • Milan - Munich ~ 8 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Geneva ~ 8 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Paris ~ 9 400 EUR;
  • Milan - Zurich ~ 7 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Ibiza ~ 13 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Cannes ~ 8 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Bern ~ 7 400 EUR;
  • Milan - Malaga ~ 17 800 EUR;
  • Milan - London ~ 13 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Palma de Mallorca ~ 12 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Athens ~ 16 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Madrid ~ 16 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Frankfurt ~ 9 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Barcelona ~ 11 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Dubai ~ 60 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Vienna ~ 10 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Warsaw ~ 12 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Hamburg ~ 11 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Belgrade ~ 12 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Sofia ~ 12 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Brussels ~ 10 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Dublin ~ 16 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Cologne ~ 10 200 EUR;
  • Milan - Stockholm ~ 15 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Tirana ~ 12 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Marseille ~ 9 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Zagreb ~ 8 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Copenhagen ~ 12 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Krakow ~ 11 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Frankfurt ~ 9 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Oslo ~ 15 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Zaragoza ~ 13 600 EUR;
  • Milan - Sevilla ~ 18 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Helsinki ~ 17 900 EUR;
  • Milan - Athens ~ 16 600 EUR;
  • Milan - Rotterdam ~ 11 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Stuttgart ~ 8 400 EUR;
  • Milan - Vilnius ~ 16 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Dortmund ~ 10 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Gothenburg ~ 14 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Lisbon ~ 17 800 EUR;
  • Milan - Antwerp ~ 11 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Lyon ~ 8 400 EUR;
  • Milan - Skopje ~ 12 900 EUR;
  • Milan - Almaty ~ 73 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Nur-Sultan ~ 60 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Reykjavik ~ 27 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Dubrovnik ~ 11 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Innsbruck ~ 7 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Moscow ~ 25 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Minsk ~ 19 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Monaco ~ 7 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Amsterdam ~ 11 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Berlin ~ 11 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Budapest ~ 10 700 EUR;
  • Milan - Larnaca ~ 21 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Tel Aviv ~ 25 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Chambery ~ 8 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Prague ~ 9 600 EUR;
  • Milan - Riga ~ 15 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Malta ~ 14 500 EUR;
  • Milan - Istanbul ~ 17 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Madeira ~ 25 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Doha ~ 59 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Delhi ~ 95 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Anguilla ~ 135 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Bali ~ 160 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Barbados ~ 140 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Fiji ~ 110 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Belize ~ 120 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Las Vegas ~ 180 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Pattaya ~ 160 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Bangkok ~ 150 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Hong Kong ~ 170 000 EUR;
  • Milan - GOA ~ 100 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Singapore ~ 190 000 EUR;
  • Milan - New York ~ 115 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Tokyo ~ 200 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Toronto ~ 125 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Johannesburg ~ 190 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Colombo ~ 185 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Kuala Lumpur ~ 220 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Los Angeles ~ 190 00 EUR;
  • Milan - Miami ~ 150 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Macau ~ 210 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Seychelles ~ 130 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Maldives ~ 150 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Virgin Island ~ 140 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Bahamas ~ 155 000 EUR;
  • Milan - Hawaiian Islands ~ 160 000 EUR;


* Estimated price before taxes & fees.


online booking of flights


The cost of the flight depending on the type of a business jet

The price of a private flight increases proportionally depending on the capacity of the leased liner. If you want to find out how much it will cost to rent an airplane, you can focus on the price of one flight hour:

  • A flight hour on large aircraft (for example, Legacy 600) costs an average of 6 to 7 thousand euros;
  • A flight hour on a business liner costs about 12 thousand euros;
  • Light and small aircraft are the most economical. A flight hour costs from 2.5 to 3.5 thousand euros;
  • A flight hour on long-haul models costs from 7 to 10-11 thousand euros;
  • Medium-class aircraft spend from 5.5 to 6.5 thousand euros per flight hour.
  • Turboprops used as air taxis spend about 1,000 euros per flight hour.


online catalog of private jets


Package offers

If you want to make it easier to choose the right aircraft, we have prepared 4 clear package offers that clearly show the advantages of each of them.


1) Connect Package:

  • the cost of the flight from 4,000 €;
  • aircraft for flights within Europe. They are ideal for one-day trips: a business meeting, weekend shopping, meeting with friends, or going to an exhibition.
  • the duration of the flight is not more than 2 hours;
  • cabin capacity - up to 4 people;
  • the following aircraft are used: Embraer Phenom 100, 300, as well as the Cessna CJ 1-2-3 series, etc.


2) Premium Package:

  • the cost of the flight starts from 8 000 €;
  • ideal for those cases when you need an individual flight without additional expenses;
  • flight duration no more than 3.5 hours;
  • cabin capacity - up to 6 passengers;
  • the following aircraft are used: Cessna Citation XLS+, Hawker 750 / 800 XP, etc.


3) Luxe package:

  • the cost of the flight from 20,000 €;
  • a comfortable private jet for long flights. It allows you to get to any part of Europe without stopping, as well as to the Maldives or New York with refueling;
  • the duration of the flight is not more than 6 hours;
  • the capacity of the cabin depends on the model, the optimal line-up is for 6, 14, and 18 people;
  • the following aircraft are used: Legacy 500 / 600 / 650 , Challenger 604 / 605 / 650 , Gulfstream 200 / 280, etc.


4) Elite package:

  • flight cost from 45,000 €;
  • flagships among business jets for special occasions. They are ideal for long-distance flights to the Maldives, the Bahamas, or across the ocean;
  • flight duration is no more than 14 hours;
  • cabin capacity - up to 15 people;
  • the following aircraft are used: Falcon 7X, Gulfstream 550 / 650, etc.


VIP class aviation offers to plunge into the world of comfort and serene tranquility. You can feel at home and fly without stress and nerves. Italian Private Jets personal managers will solve any nuance when organizing a flight. Trust us, and we will arrange your flight with comfort and safety.


full organization of private flights


Online calculator of the cost of a private plane flight

The calculator for calculating the cost of renting a private jet in the Italian Private Jets company is a convenient tool that will allow you to choose the best flight option online. Charter flights in Vienna do not have stable prices, unlike regular flights. This is due to the fact that each client can have their own wishes on the type of liner, comfort level, additional services, and flight route. The online calculator allows you to find flights around the world, create a budget and conduct a preliminary search for an airplane with a crew. You will not have to spend time searching, collecting, and analyzing ready-made offers from air brokers, operators, and owners of business jets.

Fill out all the fields of the form, as well as specify your contact details. If you want to make the calculation as accurate as possible, we ask you to fill out the application with as many details as possible. The answer will be sent to your email or messenger in automatic mode. Also, all the details of the calculation can be clarified with the consultant online - in any way convenient for you (via WhatsApp, Telegram, email, or chat on the website).

Flight cost calculator

From whence
Where to
Number of passengers
Departure date
Return date
Your name
Your phone number


Please note that the prices are indicative - we recommend contacting our company's manager for a more accurate calculation. They will make a calculation for free, taking into account the specifics of your flight (number of passengers, aircraft model, crew, etc.) - thus, you will be able to get the exact cost of your flight in 15-30 minutes.




departure airport Milan

arrival airport Vilnius

flight date17/11

private jet Citation CJ2

16 300 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Nice

flight date17/11

private jet Hawker 400XP

12 100 EUR

departure airport Palermo

arrival airport Paris


private jet Nextant 400XTi

17 600 EUR

departure airport Bern

arrival airport Napoli


private jet Citation XLS

13 700 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Larnaca


private jet Legacy 450

29 500 EUR

departure airport Venice

arrival airport Barcelona


private jet Phenom 300

17 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Oslo


private jet Citation XLS+

21 800 EUR

departure airport Milan

arrival airport Edinburgh


private jet Hawker 900XP

23 900 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Salzburg


private jet Challenger 605

25 900 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport London


private jet Gulfstream G-150

31 600 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Jerusalem


private jet Legacy 600

35 500 EUR

departure airport Napoli

arrival airport Hamburg


private jet Citation Sovereign

24 400 EUR

departure airport  Rome

arrival airport Cologne


private jet Challenger 605

33 400 EUR

departure airport Florence

arrival airport Stuttgart


private jet Premier IA

11 300 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Brussel


private jet Challenger 350

31 000 EUR

departure airport Turin

arrival airport Thessaloniki


private jet Piper M600

14 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Zagreb


private jet Citation Sovereign+

20 500 EUR

departure airport Milan

arrival airport Porto


private jet Falcon 2000LX

35 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Lisbon


private jet Pilatus PC12 NGX

27 000 EUR

departure airport Rimini

arrival airport Nice


private jet Citation XLS+

11 000 EUR

departure airport Olbia

arrival airport Birmingham


private jet Legacy 650

29 000 EUR

departure airport Turin

arrival airport Athens


private jet Learjet 75

24 000 EUR

departure airport Milan

arrival airport Leeds


private jet Hawker 900XP

21 000 EUR

departure airport Zürich

arrival airport Napoli


private jet Phenom 300E

17 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Marseille


private jet Citation Latitude

19 700 EUR

departure airport Praha

arrival airport Verona


private jet Gulfstream G-200

14 200 EUR

departure airport Milan

arrival airport Nantes


private jet Citation XLS Gen 2

21 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Basel


private jet Falcon 2000LX

21 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Lugano


private jet King Air 200

8 100 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Dubai


private jet Challenger 350

59 500 EUR

departure airport Milan

arrival airport Abu Dhabi


private jet Legacy 650

74 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Valencia


private jet Challenger 604

30 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Malaga


private jet Citation CJ3

18 300 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Palma


private jet Falcon 100

15 500 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Zaragoza


private jet Hawker 900XP

22 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Alicante


private jet Learjet 75

24 000 EUR

departure airport Milan

arrival airport Aarhus


private jet Challenger 350

36 000 EUR

departure airport Rome

arrival airport Antwerp


private jet Falcon 2000S

36 000 EUR

departure airport  Rome

arrival airport Gothenburg


private jet Nextant 400XTi

17 500 EUR

departure airport Milan

arrival airport Malmo


private jet Phenom 300E

19 000 EUR



Features of flights in Europe

One of the most important news of summer for air carriers can be called the cancellation by Italy of all restrictions on entry from other countries, which were caused by a new pandemic. Since 1.06.2022, tourists entering the country do not require a certificate of vaccine formulation (Green Pass) and its analogs, and also do not require PCR tests. However, these measures are not final, if the incidence increases again, a return to the previous regime is not excluded. However, at the same time, everyone is required to continue wearing FFP2 masks on public transport until September 30 of this year.

Those, who fly from Italy to Europe, should clarify whether the country has canceled the restrictions or not since not all states have introduced new rules. The lifting of restrictions has greatly simplified the collection of documents for air travel, however, all tourists flying to Italy need to have the following documents:

  1. Passport with visa. Its validity period must expire no later than 90 days from the date of the end of the trip. The Schengen visa must be valid for the entire period of stay in Italy;
  2. Exit documents. They can include an air ticket, an itinerary receipt, a transfer reservation, vouchers for hotel accommodation;
  3. International driver's license (if you plan to use a car);
  4. Insurance policy;
  5. Bank confirmation of available funds;
  6. Vouchers confirming the booking of hotels, excursions, transfers in Italy.

The list of documents is required when entering almost all European countries. However, it can be supplemented with other references. Our employees, guided by the route indicated in the application, can quickly make a list of all necessary documents and help to collect them.

Italy attracts tourists with its unique historical sights, mild climate, and well-developed resort network. There are many small airports in the country where only business aviation aircraft can land. Our company can also organize combined flights, which is especially important if we are talking about traveling to remote regions. We will arrange a flight to a specific location using a business jet and a helicopter, and we can pick up a VIP-class car for the ground part of the way. Tourists can also go to the islands of Italy by yacht or boat.


business jet rental


International airports in Italy

There are about 90 airports in Italy, 29 of which are international. Planes from other countries are accepted both in the largest cities of the country and in resort areas, which foreign tourists visit every season.

The most popular international Italian airports are:

  • Fiumicino or Leonardo da Vinci. It is located within 35 km of Rome. IATA code – FCO, ICAO – LIRF. Passenger turnover is more than 40 million people per year. The airport has all the necessary infrastructure for tourists, there are separate lounge areas for business aviation passengers;
  • Champino (Giovanni Battista Pastine). It is located within 15 km southeast of Rome. It mainly accepts charter flights and serves local airlines. Airport Codes - IATA: CIA, ICAO: LIRA;
  • Palermo (Falcone-Borsellino Airport). The main airport of Sicily. IATA code – PMO, ICAO-LICJ. A small cozy airport terminal has all the necessary infrastructure for tourists;
  • Catania (Catania-Fontanarossa). It is also located in Sicily, within a few kilometers of the city of Catania. Codes - IATA: CTA, ICAO: LICC;
  • Verona (Verona-Villafranca Airport). It is located in the northeast of the country, within 5 km from the city of Verona. IATA Code: VRN, ICAO: LIPX;
  • Alghero Fertilia Airport. It serves the northeastern part of Sardinia. IATA Code: AHO, ICAO Code: LIEA;
  • Lamentia Terme (Lamezia Terme Airport). The main airport of international importance in Calabria. IATA Code: SUF, ICAO: LICA;
  • Malpensa (Milan Malpensa Airport). One of the largest airports in Milan, located within 40 km of the city. IATA Code: MXP, ICAO: LIMC;
  • Rimini (Rimini Federico Fellini Airport). It serves the eponymous city and locality of San Marino. IATA Codes: RMI, ICAO: LIPR;
  • Turin (Turin Airport). It is located within 16 km of the city. IATA Code: TRN, ICAO: LIMF.


private jet flight within italy


Stages of flight preparation

After submitting the application, the organization of the flight takes place in 4 stages:

  • The first is flight planning. Flight requests are sent, and private planes suitable for the client's requirements are selected. As a rule, initially, we send 3-6 options to the client. If one of them responds to you, we will book a business jet, and if not, we will adjust and continue the search. The technical department deals with security issues, and the legal department controls all the international subtleties of flight organization;
  • A contract is concluded with the client. The contract prescribes the duties and responsibilities of the parties, the date of departure, the level of service, additional services. It is mandatory to indicate the cost of the flight and payment terms;
  • The third stage involves providing a flight. The team of air brokers responsible for the organization of the flight repeatedly checks requests for take-off and landing of aircraft and for parking at the airport. Specialists are also responsible for receiving slots, submitting requests to aviation services, to VIP halls, catering on board, transfer;
  • The fourth stage is the private flight itself. A personal aviation consultant is engaged in passenger registration, ordering passes. The broker has all the relevant information about the status of the flight and will help you go through all the procedures in an accelerated version.


The service is considered completed only after passengers land at the airport and pass all customs procedures. In almost every European airport, we have our own employees who are able to provide assistance and promptly solve any difficulties that arise.


Scheme of our work
01.Application form for flight
02.Selection of aircraft

sending a commercial

03.The choice
of the aircraft

the conclusion of the contract
and payment


with flight data and
crew contacts


from the selected location
at the appointed time


Jet Sharing and Empty Legs Services

Jet Sharing means a seat–based aircraft rental, and Empty Legs - a return or empty flight. Both flight formats allow business aviation passengers to save from 30 to 90% of money compared to the classic rental of the entire aircraft. At the same time, the level of service throughout the entire flight is not inferior to a full-fledged private flight.

Jet Sharing allows you to split the rental cost between several passengers. That is, the client does not buy the entire salon but only one or several seats. The larger the cabin capacity is, the less such a flight will cost. The Jet Sharing program is often used by members of 2-3 families, tourists flying in the same direction, and business partners. Thus, you will be able to take advantage of all the delights of business aviation at the price of a regular flight in business class.

The Empty Legs program began to develop actively after aircraft owners and operators realized that it was possible to earn money on those aircraft that was forced to return empty to a permanent parking place. This usually happens when a private plane is ordered only one way. As a rule, return flights become known in advance, and you will be able to book a similar flight with a discount of 50 to 70%. At the same time, you will be able to take full advantage of all the advantages and services of business aviation with Jet Sharing. The only inconvenience is the departure time – as a rule, it is fixed by the operator, but we will make every effort to adjust it to your schedule.


jet sharing


Comparison of a private jet flight with business class

Some people believe that it is not worth overpaying for a separate business jet - you can fly with the same comfort and business class as a conventional aircraft. However, this is far from the case. Business class travel is deprived of the main advantages of business aviation, namely:

  1. Passengers cannot set the date and time of departure themselves;
  2. Transportation of pets and luggage in the cabin is prohibited;
  3. Check-in for the flight takes place as usual;
  4. It is not possible to order food from the restaurant;
  5. Fixed route that cannot be canceled or corrected;
  6. There is no separate terminal for waiting for check-in.

That is, the main advantage of the business class lies only in slightly better conditions in the cabin - in comfortable seats and in a more attentive attitude of flight attendants. At the same time, passengers of business jets receive dozens of times more benefits, and most importantly, they can independently make a schedule and flight route.


empty legs flight


How to book a private flight

If you want to rent a plane from the list of available business jets, contact the company's manager in any way convenient for you: by phone, email, messengers or a form on the website. We will tell you how best to plan a flight in order to optimize costs and get the maximum benefits from renting. You will also receive information about the final price, we will tell you the approximate cost of additional services. Italian Private Jets consultants will choose the best flight option for you on any route - both within Italy and in international destinations. Use the special form below for a quick online booking:




Advantages of Italian Private Jets:

  • Booking a private jet with one call.
  • Individual approach and personal manager.
  • Knowledge of the needs and prompt solutions of the client's tasks.
  • No queues, delays and force majeure.
  • A single window for processing documents and luggage.
  • Compliance with the schedule and guarantee of punctuality.
  • Additional services: on-board office, personal menu, etc.
  • The desired flight range without tedious transfers.
  • Daily departures and urgent orders of aircraft for rent.
  • VIP class terminal for a pleasant pastime.


Getting used to the good is very easy, pleasant, and useful. Find out which plane will suit you. Italian Private Jets is a business at altitude and a complete reboot of business aviation.


How are we different?

At the moment, the business aviation market has a large number of different offers from both air brokers and aircraft owners. At the same time, the client always has a choice between the comfort and capabilities of business aviation and the cheapness of regular airlines. In this table, we have highlighted the key options that will help you make the right decision about choosing an air service provider based on your tasks and needs.


Service Italian Private Jets Ordinary air broker Aircraft owner Airline
Best price offers YES No YES NO
Urgent departure within an hour YES No No No
Large selection of business jets YES No No No
Personal aviation expert 24/7 YES YES No No
Verified handlers YES No No YES
Unlimited baggage YES No YES No
Carriage of animals in the cabin YES YES YES No


A company offering agency services for the sale of business aviation flights is obliged to meet the requirements that allow the client to provide the necessary and high-quality service. At the moment, there are more than 350 companies operating in the business aviation market in Europe, including Italy, which position themselves as brokers. Unfortunately, most of them do not meet even the minimum level for this line of business. A number of companies do not even have an office.

The business of such companies is based on the resale of the flight with minimal profit (dumping), while the quality of the flight for the client leaves much to be desired. The client is often simply misled. The accreditation process at the Association of Business Aviation brings clarity or, in any case, helps to identify those companies that can rightfully position themselves as brokers of business aviation. The organization of business aviation flights should be trusted only to professionals.


Our Advantages
More than 420
More than 35 professionally trained employees
More than
2 000 flights
per year
15 years
We organize
urgent flights
within 4-5 hours
experienced pilots
and flight attendants
on flights
We offer the best
prices for private
flights to Italy


Additional services

Italian Private Jets provides services for short-term and long-term rental of business jets, as well as VIP services. We work with both legal entities and individuals. A team of qualified employees can arrange a flight so that the flight is filled with only pleasant impressions for a long time. Besides the classic package that forms the basis of business aviation, we can offer all our clients the following:

  • Organization of a transfer in any European country on a comfortable vehicle – car, helicopter, yacht, boat;
  • Comprehensive service in VIP terminals and halls in Europe;
  • Exclusive catering on board. If necessary, we will order the most exotic dishes or dietary meals;
  • Booking accommodation – in a hotel, at a resort, on the islands.
  • We will organize escort, security, and help to solve any non-standard task within the framework of business aviation.


We guarantee full transparency to each client in the organization of the flight at each of its stages. You can always contact a personal air broker if you need to make additions or change the departure schedule.


organization of private flights on business jets


Payment terms

After signing a business jet rental agreement, you can pay for the service in cash, by bank card, cryptocurrency, or with an invoice. If necessary, we always meet customers halfway and select the most acceptable payment options for them. We cooperate with leading Italian and European banks – therefore, in most cases, we manage to make all the necessary payments promptly.

We provide all the necessary documentation for your accounting department and prescribe transparent conditions for canceling flights (in case your plans have changed). We always try to find a consensus with the owners of the aircraft and make sure that the amount of the fine is minimal, especially if the flight was canceled due to force majeure.


flexible booking and payment terms for private flights


How to pay for a flight

  1. We agree on the terms of the contract and send it to you by e-mail or messenger
  2. We issue you an invoice with a fixed price
  3. After the receipt of payment, we secure the board for you

If you have any questions or would like to get advice from our specialist, fill out the form below or call us.


Payment Methods


Our team

The Italian Private Jets team consists of people who have proven themselves as professionals in their field. We managed to put together a perfect puzzle of a high level of competence, rich experience, creativity, humor, and resourcefulness. Our employees consist of aviation specialists, candidates of sciences, public figures. Many members of our company have been working in the field of aviation for more than 10 years. However, there are those who have joined the team recently. It is this tandem that allows us to use our accumulated experience, make informed decisions, but at the same time, keep a fresh look, flexibility, and drive.

Our employees are people with broad views and diverse hobbies: sports, innovation, technology, tourism. Thanks to this, we easily find a common language with customers, we are interested in the team. Italian Private Jets are, first of all, people who love their job, take on every task with passion and are open to new experiences. This allows the company to occupy a leading position in the industry, and it allows the team to enjoy the work.


italian private jets team


Management of the company

Our international team brings together real business aviation professionals from all over the world. The staff of our company is expanding annually. The main selection criterion is - extensive experience in business aviation, customer orientation, and the ability to successfully perform even the most non-standard tasks. At the moment, we have 5 international offices in Italy, Great Britain, Latvia, Germany, and Cyprus. About 50 people are involved in the company's business processes. When ordering a flight from us, we guarantee that a personal aviation consultant will work with you, and they will be in touch 24/7 and answer all your questions: from choosing an aircraft model, optimizing the route, selecting the crew, and other important points, to solving personal catering issues, meeting guests, organizing security and other assignments.

Italian Private Jets guarantees the highest level of service. If you have any questions, you can always contact the company's management directly and resolve all issues. The main goal of our work is to do everything possible to make your flight as comfortable, pleasant, and safe as possible.

Our employees are people with broad views and diverse hobbies: sports, innovation, technology, and tourism. Thanks to this, we easily find a common language with customers, we are interested in the team. Italian Private Jets are, first of all, people who love their job, take on every task with passion, and are open to new experiences. This allows the company to occupy a leading position in the industry and the team – to enjoy the work.

The employees speak Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Greek. All documentation is provided in English. The successful work of the company is confirmed by many official certificates and various awards (a list of which is also given in the presentation).


experienced air broker on the market since 2007


If you have any questions, you can contact the management of the company directly. We are always open to dialogue and will be glad to hear your suggestions, as well as feedback on the work of employees.

Direct communication with the company management:


For the organization of private flights in Europe and Italy, we recommend that you contact directly our best air brokers, who are guaranteed to select the best route and private jet for you. In addition, the company's employees are always ready to advise you on business aviation issues and make a prompt calculation of the cost of the flight.

TOP-5 of our best air brokers:

  1. Alonzo Ricci - 9 years experience in business aviation, responsible for Europe. Contacts:
  2. Gianni Martinelli - 11 years experience in business aviation, responsible for domestic flights in Italy and Europe. Contacts:
  3. Sebastian Abramson - 12 years experience in business aviation, responsible for Asia and the Middle East. Contact:
  4. Merryl Davidson - 9 years experience in business aviation, responsible for the US and Latin America. Contacts:
  5. Alice Wood - 9 years experience in business aviation, responsible for the direction and the Middle East. Contacts:


Italian Private Jets company


Certificates and awards

The company's activities are regulated by European standards of service and document management. We work with both individuals and legal entities. At the conclusion of the contract, a complete list of all documents is provided. The preferred payment options are by invoice through a European bank, but it is also possible to pay in cash and cryptocurrency. At the same time, at all stages of work, we guarantee a high level of confidentiality and guarantee the security of transfers. If there are any difficulties, the company always meets customers halfway and shows maximum flexibility in solving issues.

All business jets are certified and have the appropriate documents. Before each flight, the aircraft undergoes full maintenance and training. When renting a plane from us, you can be sure of its reliability and safety. We cooperate with leading jet maintenance companies: Dassault, Cessna, Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream, etc. There is a set of documents for each vessel, which you can always get acquainted with when choosing an aircraft.

Customer reviews
We have acquired a lot of regular customers for 15 years of work.
There are some examples of our work:
Corporate flight
«They always find the best option for a private jet flight. High level of service.»

Thank you for your responsible and professional approach to your work! 2 years of joint cooperation were very fruitful and passed very quickly. The key point for us was the ability to make payments for the rental of an airplane with cryptocurrency so that everything was as fast and convenient as possible. At the same time, large companies in business aviation with such requirements start inflating prices. I am glad that we were able to find mutual understanding and directions for cooperation with you. I would especially like to mention aviation consultant Evgeniy, who was always in touch with us, promptly solved force majeure changes, and helped to find the best flight option for our routes.

Basically, business jets were booked for local flights in Italy and for sending top management to Europe. Next year we plan to move to a new stage of our cooperation and arrange a long-term lease of the aircraft. Despite the difficult times for private aviation, we hope that you will continue to work at such a high level and we will reach new heights. Good luck to you!

The flight on vacation with the family
«Thank you for your help, and we express our gratitude to the management of the company.»

It's nice to meet professionals in their field, and your company, in my opinion, is the benchmark of business aviation. This is not flattery but only a desire to sincerely thank you for your tactfulness, honesty, conscientious approach to work, and, most importantly, quick response to requests. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to plan a trip in advance, and in most cases, you have to react on the go, using the opportunity to relax. Therefore, I especially appreciate that the guys always find suitable flight options for us in the shortest possible time. Every year we fly to Europe for ski resorts and beach holidays, book a plane within 1-2 days before departure, and everything goes without delay. Several times I had to postpone departures at the last moment and always managed to come to an agreement, and solved everything without fines and nerves. Besides that, I really like the opportunity to order food from our favorite restaurant, which will be delivered directly on board before departure.

Well, the key point why I decided to write this review was the latest events. It is said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. When all this commotion with the coronavirus and the evacuation of tourists began, you were the only company that helped us collect all the documents and permits to bring relatives from Italy to London. At the same time, the price of the flight was normal, which was especially striking and pleasantly surprised us. I believe that difficult moments help us to reveal the true nature of people. Therefore, I thank you once again for your help and express my gratitude to the company's management.

We are looking forward to new trips and vacations. Due to the air broker, we will solve the issue 100%! I am sure that all the difficult moments will fly by very quickly, just like your business jets!

Business flight
«They are real experts in business aviation and work without troubles!»

An individual and attentive approach is the main trump card that persuaded me to fly with the help of Italian Private Jets. I really like the quick response to all tasks and the ability to solve issues online through messengers. At first, I ordered flights through a business assistant, and then we started communicating directly. Aviation consultant Natalia is a very attentive and responsible girl. We quickly found a common language with her, now I don't waste time explaining: what model of aircraft I need, what year, wishes for the size of the cabin, ceiling height, nutrition, etc. I filled out a fairly adequate brief once, and now I don't bother myself with thoughts about flights. As for the price, they work within the market, the cost is adequate. A particularly favorable price tag was obtained for small flights across Europe. I flew a couple of times to relax with my family on the islands - we were able to pick up a chic Legacy, which pleased my relatives. They also did not disappoint us, everything was perfectly organized.

At work, I periodically encounter other Italian and European operators. However, they are perceived very hard after working with you. After all, you get used to good service quickly, and then it's hard to lower the bar. I hope that you will continue to improve the quality of service, as well as expand the number of aircraft in Eastern Europe and Asia. In this case, you will become a truly invaluable partner for me. Well, now, I sincerely wish you to survive this difficult year for aviation with dignity and continue to please customers! Good luck!



We are trusted with a customer satisfaction rating of 4.9/5 based on 670 reviews.

Our clients are many Italian and international players from the world of economy, politics, sports, medicine and art. European governments and embassies, international and Italian companies, sports teams and federations, law firms and investment funds, ETI and European SMEs, pharmaceutical laboratories and hospitals, IATA certified travel agencies and concierge services, as well as the largest chain hotels. Detailed reviews of our work can be found on the official websites of Trustpilot, Aviapages and Google Maps.


Company offices

Italian Private Jets is represented by three operating offices - in Rome, Milan and Paphos. All of them are located in the VIP terminal areas. At the end of the year, a full-fledged opening of an office in Riga is planned, which currently operates in a simplified mode. We ask you to coordinate the time of the visit in advance so that we can prepare all the necessary documents for issuing a pass. If you plan to arrive by car, please tell us the number of your car and we will reserve a place for you in the underground parking.

We want to emphasize that we are not limited to our offices. The philosophy of our company is a flexible and individual approach to each client. Therefore, we are always ready to meet in a place convenient for you or arrange a flight remotely.


photo of italian private jets office


Business aviation office in Rome


Address: 00054 Fiumicino, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy (Leonardo da Vinci International Airport)

Email address:

Opening hours: daily from 7:30 to 23:00.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:




Business aviation office in Milan


Address: 21010 Ferno, Province of Varese, Italy (Malpensa Airport)

Email address:

Opening hours: daily from 7:00 to 23:30.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:




Business aviation office in Paphos


Address: PF8M+VMG, Paphos, Cyprus (Paphos International Airport)

Email address:

Opening hours: daily from 8:30 to 23:00.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office: