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Information about our company

"Italian Private Jets" has gained a 15-year of experience in the European business aviation market and more than 15,000 successfully completed flights. We love the sky. We love beautiful planes. And it's more than just a job. This is our way of thinking, our lifestyle, our whole life's work. Have you ever seen anyone doing their whole life's work carelessly? We are in this business for a long time. Customers expect impeccable service from us, so we do everything to meet their expectations. We sincerely hope that we can be useful to you and your business!

We specialize in solving aviation tasks of any complexity: organization of flights by private plane, corporate and sports charters, medical flights, helicopter flights, provision of shift transportation, etc. We work with individuals, tour operators, concierges, and mice agencies. About 70% of our orders are individual charters for top businessmen, athletes, show business stars and politicians. We are open to cooperation with both individuals and companies.


experienced air broker on the market since 2007


Our mission for our customers and passengers

With experience since 2007 in the field of private jet and helicopter rental, Italian Private Jets offers its passengers unique know-how in the field of air brokerage services and business aviation aviation. Our mission is to make traveling by private jet or helicopter as easy and convenient as ordering a taxi for our clients.

Italian Private Jets employees are specialists in solving non–standard tasks and are able to work in force majeure circumstances. We have got a lot of successfully implemented cases over the years of organizing flights. Our experience and competence allow us to conduct a preliminary examination of the performance of flights, including the period of covid restrictions. Italian Private Jets has an ideal reputation in the business aviation market: we guarantee 100% fulfillment of all obligations both to customers and to airlines and owners of private aircraft.


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Advantages of business aviation

Business aviation has much more opportunities compared to conventional civil air transportation. We are ready to offer our clients a fast and professional organization of a private flight on top business jets. Flights on such liners are much more comfortable and safer, and a high level of service is guaranteed at all stages of the flight.

Cooperation with private airlines makes it possible to choose the date and time of departure according to the client's own schedule. However, this is not the only advantage of business aviation, many air travelers have appreciated other opportunities of private flights, such as:

  • Flexible schedule. The flight schedule can be made in such a way so that passengers will be at the right airport at a specific time. The route can take place with stops in several cities, a business jet can be booked in both directions of the flight or for a certain period - for several days, a week, a month;
  • High level of service. Business aviation includes separate VIP terminals and lounge halls at airports, expedited check–in, quick customs clearance, transfer, premium service on board. The business aviation aircraft has spacious cabin, equipped with shock absorption and pressure equalization systems at high altitude, that is, those complexes that reduce the likelihood of negative changes in the passenger's well-being;
  • Security. The best navigation and avionics systems are installed on the used airliners, the aircraft are thoroughly tested before departure, and the crew has extensive experience, which allows us to guarantee a high level of safety even in difficult conditions;
  • No restrictions. The client can take personal belongings directly to the salon, as well as pets. The amount of luggage is limited only by the capacity of the aircraft. If necessary, you can increase the number of passengers, change the route and departure date – just before departure;
  • Innovative technologies. There is almost always satellite communication on board a private plane, there is access to Wi-Fi, and, if necessary, additional equipment can also be installed;
  • Maximum freedom of choice. The client can choose a business jet that suits the flight characteristics, additional services, and the airport of departure and landing.


All the main work when renting a business jet is assigned to the company's employees. A personal air broker helps to choose the type of aircraft, controls the submission of requests for departure and the collection of necessary documents, collects the necessary certificates and approvals. The customers of the flight have only to arrive at the airport, pass an accelerated check-in, get into the cabin and enjoy their flight in the most comfortable conditions.


italian private jets


Types of business jet flights

Air travel provides a unique opportunity to travel around the world as quickly as possible. A distance of several thousand kilometers can be covered in just a few hours, which is especially important if you have a busy schedule and a lot of meetings in different parts of the world. And that is why business aviation services are in demand in many life situations.

Italian Private Jets organizes the following types of flights in Italy and across Europe:

  • Tourist flights. You can take a business jet to get to a luxury resort, a ski base, an exotic island. The planes are selected in such a way that it is possible to gain strength and prepare for a comfortable rest;
  • Business flights. Planes for businessmen, owners of large corporations, top managers are selected so that their equipment allows them to continue working and negotiating;
  • Corporate flights. They book company planes for their employees in order to send them on a collective vacation, a seminar, or a business trip;
  • Family flights. We organize a family trip with the maximum level of comfort and safety;
  • VIP charters. We organize flights for famous people in show business, athletes, and artists;
  • Medical flights. They are used to transport injured and seriously ill passengers, business jets are equipped with medical equipment, and a paramedic team monitors the patient's condition;
  • Geological exploration. The purpose of the flight is to monitor territories using the equipment installed on board;
  • Cargo flights. Business aviation planes and helicopters can quickly deliver valuable cargo, heavy machinery, and goods with a short shelf life to any place on earth;
  • Shift workers. Teams of workers on airplanes are sent to remote areas of work, and helicopters are sent to places where there is no runway;
  • Sightseeing tours. This is the name of flights during which you can view the sea, nature, sights from the air. The flight usually lasts no more than 3 hours, and passengers are accompanied by a guide;
  • Exclusive flights. Ordering a business jet for event flights and special events;
  • Wedding flights. The marriage in heaven will be remembered for a long time and will please not only the newlyweds but also their guests. We can organize a celebration with a festive program, contests, and a buffet.


Our specialists undertake tasks of any complexity and level. We easily organize non-standard flights and combined flights involving business jets, helicopters, if necessary, cars, and sea transport. In the last couple of years, Jet Sharing and Empty Legs programs have been in high demand among customers – these are economical flights with all the advantages of business aviation.


private jet rental


Individual approach

After submitting an application for booking an airplane, a personal aviation consultant begins working with the client. Their duties include collecting all the wishes for the flight, informing the client about the stages of flight preparation, concluding a contract, collecting documents, booking slots, and much more. You can contact the air broker at any time of the day. We are always ready to answer any of your questions, make adjustments to the flight and suggest the optimal solution to emerging aviation problems.

Every Italian Private Jets customer can count on:

  1. Complete confidentiality at all stages of cooperation;
  2. Access to the database of the best business jets in Italy and Europe;
  3. Preparation of the accompanying package of documents;
  4. Secure payments through the world's leading banks or by an alternative method convenient for the client (card, cash or cryptocurrency).


online catalog of private jets and helicopters


Cooperation with our company gives you not only business jets but also dozens of additional concierge services, from which the level of comfort, both on the plane itself and at the airports of departure and landing will become even higher. We can offer:

  • Transfer by luxury car to the airport and after landing;
  • Meeting and escorting in the terminal;
  • Organization of security;
  • Catering on board with an exclusive menu;
  • Booking of rooms in hotels, villas, apartments;
  • Organization of holidays on private islands;
  • Ordering cars, yachts, helicopters;
  • Purchase tickets for concerts, sport events, and private events.


We are always happy to help our clients and approach each task as individually as possible.


flexible booking and payment terms for private flights


Features of Italian Private Jets

Our company has been working in the field of business aviation since 2007 and is constantly improving the level of service based on new trends and changing reality. We offer new services and do everything possible to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the flight and arrive at the planned place strictly on schedule.

The number of our regular customers and friends of the company is steadily increasing, and this is explained by:

  • The ability to choose a business jet from several thousand models in a constantly updated database;
  • More than 8000 modern, comfortable business jets, as well as 3 aircraft in our own management.
  • Over 15 years of active work, we have gained invaluable experience in interacting with all commercial operators, owners of our own aircraft, as well as the management of European airports.
  • We carry out group flights for any number of passengers (from 1 to 580 people).
  • Lack of language difficulties. Almost all employees of the company speak at least 2-3 languages, so communication with foreign clients is not a problem for us;
  • Round-the-clock customer service. We work seven days a week and holidays, operators accept applications for aircraft rental both at night and during the day;
  • Dozens of companies (many of which are included in the Forbes lists) carry out flights of top officials and corporate flights through Italian Private Jets. This is the main indicator of the success of our work.
  • Our fleet consists of aircraft capable of covering distances from 2,130 to 15,000 km – for short and long-distance flights.
  • Efficiency. If there is an urgent need, the plane will take to the sky within 3-4 hours;
  • Compliance with sanitary rules. The cabin of each aircraft is disinfected before the flight. The upgraded business jets have air purification systems and microclimate support (humidity, temperature) at a level that suits passengers;
  • Complete safety and anonymity of flights;
  • The possibility of online booking. You can order a plane, choose a suitable option and pay for the service without personal presence in the office, completely in an online format.


Professionalism, knowledge of the business, sincere concern for customers, the best prices — that's what helped us build long-term and trusting relationships with our customers and partners. We draw up a contract with each client, which prescribes all the conditions of the flight, duties and responsibilities of the parties. We will always be in touch and help to adjust the flight in case of changes. You can apply and get a detailed expert consultation at any time by phone or by sending an e-mail request to Italian Private Jets.


Scheme of our work
01.Application form for flight
02.Selection of aircraft

sending a commercial

03.The choice
of the aircraft

the conclusion of the contract
and payment


with flight data and
crew contacts


from the selected location
at the appointed time


Advantages of Italian Private Jets

  1. Booking a private jet with one call.
  2. Individual approach and personal manager.
  3. Knowledge of the needs and prompt solutions of the client's tasks.
  4. No queues, delays and force majeure.
  5. A single window for processing documents and luggage.
  6. Compliance with the schedule and guarantee of punctuality.
  7. Additional services: on-board office, personal menu, etc.
  8. The desired flight range without tedious transfers.
  9. Daily departures and urgent orders of aircraft for rent.
  10. VIP class terminal for a pleasant pastime.

Getting used to the good is very easy, pleasant, and useful. Find out which plane will suit you. Italian Private Jets is a business at altitude and a complete reboot of business aviation.


Our Advantages
More than 420
More than 35 professionally trained employees
More than
2 000 flights
per year
15 years
We organize
urgent flights
within 4-5 hours
experienced pilots
and flight attendants
on flights
We offer the best
prices for private
flights to Italy


Additional services

Italian Private Jets provides services for short-term and long-term rental of business jets, as well as VIP services. We work with both legal entities and individuals. A team of qualified employees can arrange a flight so that the flight is filled with only pleasant impressions for a long time. Besides the classic package that forms the basis of business aviation, we can offer all our clients the following:

  • Organization of a transfer in any European country on a comfortable vehicle – car, helicopter, yacht, boat;
  • Comprehensive service in VIP terminals and halls in Europe;
  • Exclusive catering on board. If necessary, we will order the most exotic dishes or dietary meals;
  • Booking accommodation – in a hotel, at a resort, on the islands.
  • We will organize escort, security, and help to solve any non-standard task within the framework of business aviation.

We guarantee full transparency to each client in the organization of the flight at each of its stages. You can always contact a personal air broker if you need to make additions or change the departure schedule.


Individual charters on private jets


Management of the company

Our international team brings together real business aviation professionals from all over the world. The staff of our company is expanding annually. The main selection criterion is - extensive experience in business aviation, customer orientation, and the ability to successfully perform even the most non-standard tasks. At the moment, we have 5 international offices in Italy, Great Britain, Latvia, Germany, and Cyprus. About 50 people are involved in the company's business processes. When ordering a flight from us, we guarantee that a personal aviation consultant will work with you, and they will be in touch 24/7 and answer all your questions: from choosing an aircraft model, optimizing the route, selecting the crew, and other important points, to solving personal catering issues, meeting guests, organizing security and other assignments.

Italian Private Jets guarantees the highest level of service. If you have any questions, you can always contact the company's management directly and resolve all issues. The main goal of our work is to do everything possible to make your flight as comfortable, pleasant, and safe as possible.

Our employees are people with broad views and diverse hobbies: sports, innovation, technology, and tourism. Thanks to this, we easily find a common language with customers, we are interested in the team. Italian Private Jets are, first of all, people who love their job, take on every task with passion, and are open to new experiences. This allows the company to occupy a leading position in the industry and the team – to enjoy the work.

The employees speak Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Greek. All documentation is provided in English. The successful work of the company is confirmed by many official certificates and various awards (a list of which is also given in the presentation).


full organization of private flights


If you have any questions, you can contact the management of the company directly. We are always open to dialogue and will be glad to hear your suggestions, as well as feedback on the work of employees.

Direct communication with the company management:


Franco Serra - Head of the Rome office;


Venere Conte - Head of the Milan office;


Еvgeniy Ozols

Е - Head of the Paphos office;


Natalia.Keller - Founder and CEO;


Mike Rice - Executive Director.


For the organization of private flights in Europe and Italy, we recommend that you contact directly our best air brokers, who are guaranteed to select the best route and private jet for you. In addition, the company's employees are always ready to advise you on business aviation issues and make a prompt calculation of the cost of the flight.


business aviation airport photo


TOP-5 of our best air brokers:

1) Alonzo Ricci - 9 years experience in business aviation, responsible for Europe. Contacts:, facebook, linkedin

Alonzo Ricci


2) Gianni Martinelli - 11 years experience in business aviation, responsible for domestic flights in Italy and Europe. Contacts:

Gianni Martinelli


3) Sebastian Abramson - 12 years experience in business aviation, responsible for Asia and the Middle East. Contact:

Sebastian Abramson


4) Merryl Davidson - 9 years experience in business aviation, responsible for the US and Latin America. Contacts:

Merryl Davidson


5) Alice Wood - 9 years experience in business aviation, responsible for the direction and the Middle East. Contacts:

Alice Wood


Company offices

Italian Private Jets is represented by three operating offices - in Rome, Milan and Paphos. All of them are located in the VIP terminal areas. At the end of the year, a full-fledged opening of an office in Riga is planned, which currently operates in a simplified mode. We ask you to coordinate the time of the visit in advance so that we can prepare all the necessary documents for issuing a pass. If you plan to arrive by car, please tell us the number of your car and we will reserve a place for you in the underground parking.

We want to emphasize that we are not limited to our offices. The philosophy of our company is a flexible and individual approach to each client. Therefore, we are always ready to meet in a place convenient for you or arrange a flight remotely.


photo of italian private jets office


Business aviation office in Rome


Address: 00054 Fiumicino, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy (Leonardo da Vinci International Airport)

Email address:

Opening hours: daily from 7:30 to 23:00.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:




Business aviation office in Milan


Address: 21010 Ferno, Province of Varese, Italy (Malpensa Airport)

Email address:

Opening hours: daily from 7:00 to 23:30.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:




Business aviation office in Paphos


Address: PF8M+VMG, Paphos, Cyprus (Paphos International Airport)

Email address:

Opening hours: daily from 8:30 to 23:00.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office: