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Terms of return and cancellation of flights

The conditions for cancellation and refund are spelt out in detail in the contract, which is provided before paying for the flight. They directly depend on the conditions of the company operating the business jet or its owner. Therefore, there are different conditions for cancelling flights on different planes. We will do everything possible to minimize fines and reschedule the flight at a convenient time for you. If the flight did not take place due to the fault of our company, the amount would be refunded in full - 100% refund.


flexible booking and payment terms for private flights


A refund for a private flight can be made by the passenger in whose name the booking was made, also by his representative under a notarized power of attorney, or by the person who paid for the flight if there is a corresponding confirmation. The conditions and terms of the return are determined by the terms of the agreement concluded between Italian Private Jets and the Passenger.

In case of payment for transportation services by bank card, the transferred funds will be returned to your bank account within 10-30 business days (the period depends on the bank that issued your bank card).



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