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A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Airbroker Italian Private Jets answered the most popular questions from our business aviation clients. We have considered in detail all the nuances of flights on private jets. You can ask a question to our specialists by phone, through WhatsApp messenger, or by e-mail. We will be glad to help you!


Jet Sharing – features of the service


Is Jet Sharing possible in any directions?

Flights in the format of chair-based private aircraft rental are possible in almost any direction. However, as a rule, Jet Sharing is available in the most popular tourist locations – planes go to Nice, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Maldives. There are also domestic Italian destinations where you can also book a seat on planes carrying passengers using the Jet Sharing system. However, they are not available so often.


How is Jet Sharing different from Business Class?

Flying in business class of an airplane differs from flying in the usual way only in the fact that the passenger spends time on the way in slightly more comfortable conditions than others. Jet Sharing will bring all the advantages of business aviation. This service helps to make a flight in the most comfortable conditions, using a separate VIP terminal, quick check-in, VIP meals on board. You will be able to fly in a spacious cabin with only a few passengers on board.

Passengers who preferred to fly business class a few years ago are now increasingly trusting business aviation. Jet Sharing is not only a pleasant flight in all respects but also time saving and greater security.


Is it acceptable to divide a flight into several families?

Classic Jet Sharing involves 2-3 families flying on the same plane. The total cost of the flight can also be divided between friends or colleagues, in a convenient proportion for you.


What parameters do the cost of one seat depend on when choosing a Jet Sharing flight?

The price of a chair rental depends on the cost of a flight hour of a particular aircraft, the capacity of the board, and its fullness. The calculation also includes the cost of individual meals, VIP terminals, and business halls.


If there are no Jet Sharing flights available in the right direction, what can I do?

In such situations, you can choose one of two ways:

  • Collect passengers who are ready to fly on the Jet Sharing system on their own. Such a flight will cost more than booking one seat but cheaper compared to renting the entire business jet;
  • Submit a request for a Jet Sharing flight to an air broker. We will do our best to find fellow travelers in the chosen direction and, if possible, on a date that suits all passengers.


Will the plane take off with a seat lease if not all seats are purchased?

Italian Private Jets guarantees the departure of the aircraft, even if its loading is not complete. Our passengers will be able to take off on a pre-selected date and land exactly where planned.


Can I count on additional discounts?

All seats in the cabin of aircraft with a seat rental are the same. Discounts can only be individual. The possibility of receiving them and the amount are discussed when drawing up a contract with a personal manager.


What happens if I miss my flight?

If it is a classic aircraft rental, you can delay the flight within 1-2 hours. If we are talking about Jet Sharing, then such a delay is no longer possible – 7-12 other passengers cannot wait for one person. However, if most of the customers are late, then a small flight transfer is also possible. It is agreed with the passengers who arrived at the time.



Empty Legs – features of the service


What is meant by “Empty Legs”?

Empty Legs is a return flight when an empty plane returns to its home airport. This happens when a passenger orders a one-way flight, or the plane flies to another country for scheduled maintenance. Aircraft owners sell such flights with big discounts, from 50 to 70%, to cover their fuel costs and crew work. Any passenger who needs to fly in the same direction and the day and time of departure are not critical can book such a business jet.


How much time does it take to book an Empty Legs flight?

Due to the cost of a return flight that is beneficial for business aviation passengers, many customers can apply for a reservation, therefore, it is recommended to make a decision about the flight as soon as possible.


How can I save money on a flight?

You can fly comfortably to your destination and at the same time not pay in full for the rental of a private plane in three of the following cases:

  1. Book a return flight (Empty Legs);
  2. Share the cost of the flight with other passengers in the Jet Sharing format;
  3. Split the rental cost between 2-3 families or a group of friends or colleagues.

Our operators are always ready to tell you more about the savings opportunities when ordering a business jet by phone or send you the information you are interested in by e-mail.


When choosing Empty Legs, will the difference in service be noticeable?

Premium service always remains at the same level regardless of whether you are flying on an empty plane or renting it one way. There are universal standards in business aviation, from which Italian Private Jets never deviates.



Flying on a private plane with a dog or cat


Is it possible to take a pet with you into the cabin of the plane?

In most cases, this is acceptable, but it is necessary to clarify the rules for the transportation of animals for each country and operator. Italian Private Jets aviation experts have up-to-date information about the requirements for the transportation of pets, so they will always give accurate information at the time of application.


Is there a limit on the size of the animal?

It is usually allowed to transport an animal weighing no more than 13 kg, it is desirable that the pet is in a carrier during the flight. However, in exceptional cases, the airline may also allow flights with an animal weighing up to 50 kg.


Is it necessary to buy a separate place for the animal?

If you have fully booked a plane or are flying according to the Jet Sharing format, then it isn’t necessary.


Is it allowed to let the pet out of the carrier during the flight?

During a long flight, most operators allow the free presence of dogs and cats on board. However, it is necessary to clarify all the requirements and responsibility for their non-compliance with your aviation broker.


What should I do if my pet has soiled the interior or damaged the upholstery and furniture?

Sometimes the contract already includes the amount (in part or in full) that may be required to restore the interior and clean it after the careless actions of your cat or dog. If this item is not provided, then you will have to pay for dry cleaning after the fact.



More about Italian Private Jets


What are your differences from similar companies?

Our company strives to provide customers with an individual approach and a quick solution to their tasks. We take care of the comfort of passengers at every stage of the flight, starting from the preparation of the flight and ending with providing all possible assistance at the landing airport. We can fulfill almost any request of the customer and do everything to ensure that the flight leaves only pleasant impressions.


What can you say about the qualifications of your employees?

Italian Private Jets is a close–knit team of specialists, each of whom is a true professional in their field. All air brokers have the appropriate specialized education and the desire to work in a modern team. Most of our managers, legal consultants, and operators speak several foreign languages, which facilitates negotiations with aviation services of different countries. We are constantly improving the passenger service system and can offer some of the best conditions in the business aviation segment of Italy and Europe.


Why can we benefit from cooperation with you?

Each client can count on first-class service, exclusive additional services and the maximum level of confidentiality. If we undertake the organization of the flight, it means that we fully fulfill all our obligations, regardless of the complexity of the task.


Are you responsible for the preservation of personal information and personal data?

Full information about clients is available only to a personal manager who has signed a non-disclosure agreement with the information received. Passenger data are stored in systems that are well protected from hacking and normal access. We understand that the private life of each person should not become public. If strict secrecy is necessary, then there is no doubt that third parties will not find out about the organized flight.



Features of service for passenger with disabilities


Can you offer an escort service for passengers with limited mobility?

Of course, this is one of the mandatory points of our rules. A special employee will meet a passenger with limited mobility at the airport and will be constantly with them before boarding. The passenger will not have to worry about overcoming all bureaucratic obstacles and about the convenience of moving around the terminal – a personal assistant will take care of these issues. On board, a passenger with limited mobility can always count on the help of attentive flight attendants.


Is it necessary to inform you in advance about the flight of a person with disabilities?

It is advisable to order an escort service as early as possible, ideally at the time of application. In this case, we will be able to develop in advance all the stages of interaction at each of the stages of the flight, and this will allow us to provide all the nuances and make the flight as comfortable as possible for a passenger with limited mobility.


Is it necessary to pay for the escort service?

Standard service for people with disabilities is free of charge.



COVID-19 and business aviation


Which countries can you visit by plane now?

The coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of air links with many countries. Now the situation in the world is gradually stabilizing, so air traffic is returning to the usual norms. If you are in Italy, you can easily fly to many European countries, to countries in Africa and South America.

You can find out the exact information about the possibility of a foreign trip at Italian Private Jets. Employees of our company have all the relevant information about restrictions and their removal.


What documents are required when crossing the border?

If you want to fly to foreign countries from Italy, you will need to present the following documents at the airport:

  • Passport or Carta D'identità. The card gives the right to free movement in the countries of the economic zone of Europe and Switzerland;
  • Printed electronic ticket;
  • Medical insurance;
  • A voucher confirming the reservation of accommodation.

Each flight is individual. Our aviation experts can give full information about the rules of entry and a list of documents for a particular state only after finding out all the nuances of movement.


What grounds are required for departure from Italy?

Now the practice of free movement around the world is returning. During the pandemic, the flight was allowed only to citizens of another state, those who have real estate abroad, and persons in need of medical care in clinics in Europe. Restrictions on flights are canceled, so in most cases, it is not necessary to prove the legality of crossing the border.


Can the passenger be deceived?

It is not uncommon to find tempting and profitable flight offers on the business aviation market. You should not trust unverified air carriers. There are different ways to deceive a business jet customer. After receiving payment, unscrupulous companies can indefinitely postpone the departure date, replace the selected aircraft with a more budget one, and issue an additional invoice.

There are cases of illegal registration of a flight, which may result in a lawsuit. Scammers often simply take the money and then turn out to be inaccessible to the client.

Italian Private Jets has been operating in the Italian aviation market for more than 15 years. We conclude a contract with customers and prescribe our responsibility in it. Our company will have to pay huge fines in case of non-fulfillment of obligations, so we always try to act strictly within the framework of the client's interest.


What should I do if I can't get permission for departure and arrival?

At the stage of drawing up the contract, our company's employees inform the business jet customer about all possible risks. They are prescribed in the contract, the client's signature means full agreement with all points of the document. Our specialists know in advance how likely it is to refuse to obtain permits to visit a certain country, so we bring only reliable information to passengers.

If the risks are not specified in the contract and there are no permits from aviation services, then our company will fully refund the amount spent by the client on booking a private plane.


How many escorts for a sick passenger are allowed on board when organizing a medical flight?

Only one accompanying person is included in the medical certificate on the basis of which the sanitary flight is being prepared. However, in some cases, for example, when there is a bedridden, overweight, or paralyzed passenger, the number of assistants is increased to 2-3 people.


Is it necessary to observe quarantine after landing at the airport?

Most countries have now abandoned the restrictions adopted during the pandemic. That is, quarantine has been abolished in most European countries. However, the situation may change at any time, so the specific requirements will be indicated by the aviation expert after determining the flight route.


Will I be able to return to Italy from countries where there is still quarantine?

You can return to your homeland on the basis of citizenship at any time. Residents of foreign countries should always be interested in the rules established at the arrival airport when departing from the quarantine zone.


How does the flight agreement work?

We send copies of passengers' documents to those business aviation airlines that have the authority to coordinate the departure and reception of aircraft with the aviation services of specific countries. If there are difficulties, we try to use all our links, so the Italian Private Jets air broker almost always receives permission to fly.



Features of medical flights


What documents are required to organize a medical flight?

If a seriously ill or injured passenger should fly to another city or country, then a passport or identity card, as well as a medical certificate must be provided. The certificate indicates the severity of the patient, the specifics of transportation, the number of accompanying persons. When flying to another country, you will need the documents that all tourists ask for.


What are the main differences between a medical flight compared to a regular one?

Special medical planes are often used to transport seriously ill passengers who need emergency care in a clinic in another city or state. They are initially equipped with all the necessary equipment and complexes that maintain optimal temperature, humidity and pressure in the cabin.

If a regular business jet is planned to be used for a medical flight, its preliminary preparation will be carried out. We remove some of the seats from the cabin, and install Lifeport in their place. This is the name of a special complex, which includes a place for a bedridden patient, resuscitation devices, devices that facilitate the administration of drugs and devices for determining vital parameters.

A flight with a seriously ill patient is necessarily accompanied by a team of paramedics. Their task is to monitor the passenger's condition, drug therapy, emergency assistance in case of deterioration and escort to the clinic.


How does a passenger checking in for a medical flight check in for a plane?

All documents required for departure are issued not by the patient but by his/her accompanying persons. The passenger is brought to the plane directly by ambulance and loaded on board with the help of special devices, for example, with an ambulift.



Features and stages of flight organization


Is crew replacement possible or not?

The flight crew is a team of professionals with extensive work experience and the qualifications necessary for flying on various business jets. We present the crew to our clients in advance, which makes it possible to communicate with the pilots and flight attendants and find out any information of interest. As a rule, after a personal meeting, all flight customers remain quite satisfied with the flight crew. However, if the customer insists on a replacement, we will be able to offer other crew teams. This option is especially suitable for long-term rentals. If you make a one–time flight - in most cases, a specific crew will already be assigned to the aircraft, and it will not be possible to change it.


Are there conditions on board business jets for holding meetings and resolving work issues?

In the salons of almost all private planes, there are stations for recharging mobile gadgets, there are models of airplanes with Internet access and satellite communications. When submitting an application, it is advisable to specify the type of planned flight. If passengers are unable to interrupt work in the air, we will provide a business jet with a separate meeting area with a place to work on a laptop and a meeting area.


What methods of paying for the rental of an airplane can you offer?

Italian Private Jets has developed different payment options for booking for the convenience of customers. You can choose cash and non-cash payment, online payment by card, with an electronic wallet, or cryptocurrency. We can issue an invoice to the customer of the aircraft. Payment options and terms are specified in the contract and agreed upon in advance.


Is it possible to change the number of passengers already specified in the contract?

Yes, it is possible, but only if the capacity of the business jet selected for the flight allows you to take on board additional passengers. In this case, the payment is increased by the cost of food and service in the VIP terminal. We recommend that you provide the final list of air passengers at least a day in advance, this will allow us to properly organize meals on board.


What documents are required when booking a private jet?

Customers ordering a plane for themselves or a group of friends should provide only a document certifying their identity. If a business jet is booked for a legal entity, then you will need an enterprise card.


How to book a private jet?

You can contact Italian Private Jets in any way convenient for you – by phone, by leaving a request on the website, or by personally arriving at the office. Booking an airplane can be made with deferred payment, unlike buying tickets for regular flights.

We will choose the most suitable airliner in terms of flight characteristics and cabin equipment together with the customer. We will coordinate all the wishes for meals in the cabin, determine whether a transfer is needed or not, and select the most suitable departure date, after that, we will draw up and sign a contract.


What is the main difference between a charter flight and a regular one?

A charter flight is fully prepared for a specific client. Departure time, route, stops on the way, and the menu are approved by the customers, guided primarily by their desires and needs.

The schedule for regular flights is prepared within 4-6 months in advance. Civil aviation cannot postpone the departure time, as well as change the already approved route.


Does it take less time to check in for a flight when ordering VIP service?

Yes, absolutely. A personal manager, based on a copy of your passport and the data provided to our company, checks in at the airport in advance. You will only need to arrive at the terminal within 20-30 minutes before the scheduled departure and undergo screening, after which you will immediately be given a boarding pass. Then, you can immediately go to the landing or spend a few minutes in the VIP lounge, waiting for the announcement of the aircraft's readiness for departure.


How do business jets differ from conventional civil aircraft?

Business aviation aircraft have comfortable salons with transformable furniture, qualified crew, the highest level of security. During the flight, the flight attendants assist passengers in all matters but at the same time remain unobtrusive and inconspicuous.

Business jets have been upgraded, taking into account all the standards adopted in business aviation. On board, there are almost always noise reduction systems, complexes that equalize pressure at altitude, and devices that maintain optimal temperature and humidity. Flying in such conditions is comparable to staying in a suite of five-star hotels.

Private planes can fly at a tremendous speed. A number of models cover a distance of 10 thousand km or more, even without stops for refueling. Exclusive liners have a separate bedroom, shower cabin, and kitchen on board. You can take your luggage and a pet on board the business jet.


Is it possible to order vegetarian dishes on board?

You can order meals on the plane if you wish. We take into account the culinary preferences of all passengers and prepare a menu for each one separately. We can order food for the flight both in an elite restaurant and in your favorite cafe, pizzeria, or burger joint. You can specify portion sizes, and types of drinks. If you have an allergy, then be sure to specify the prohibited products and they will not be in the dishes. We are ready to organize dietary meals and prepare meals for babies and passengers on a therapeutic diet. All this will be delicious, healthy and beautifully served.


What is the minimum filing period we can count on when ordering an urgent charter?

The need for a flight to another city and state sometimes arises spontaneously, and in this case, it is necessary that the flight be organized in a matter of hours. The team of Italian Private Jets employees works around the clock without weekends and holidays, so we are ready to provide professional assistance at any time of the day. We can find a flight, prepare it, send all the necessary requests to the aviation services, draw up a contract and make a flight in 2-3 hours. That is, if there is an urgent need, the client can go on a flight in 3-5 hours from the moment of submitting the request.


Are there any restrictions on the choice of airports for take-off and landing?

The client can choose absolutely any airport in Europe, Asia, or America for a private flight. The aviation task is worked out individually in each case. If necessary, we will arrange a connecting flight or a combined flight with the use of a helicopter (if there is no runway for the landing of the aircraft).


What procedures should I count on in VIP terminals?

You need to arrive at the airport within about 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. Beforehand, you should tell your air broker the number and make of the car that will bring you. This is necessary for unhindered access to the territory of the air hub.

In the terminal, you will need to give an identity card (passport) to an employee for verification. At the same time, you need to immediately indicate which luggage you plan to take with you to the cabin and which bags can be loaded into the cargo compartment of the liner. After that, it remains only to wait for an invitation to board a private plane. If a declaration or Tax-Free is required, then you need to arrive at the airport within 50-60 minutes before departure.


Is it possible to order food from a specific restaurant on board?

If the restaurant is engaged in the preparation and delivery of onboard meals and it has a corresponding contract with the terminal, then there will be no problems in solving this issue. Our employees will do everything possible to deliver food from those establishments that have not received a permanent agreement with the airport yet.


Is it possible to change an already agreed route?

We consider the possibility of changing the agreed route on a case-by-case basis. Most often, this issue is resolved positively. However, sometimes it is impossible to adjust an already made flight due to already scheduled flights of passengers departing on other business jets of the airline or the lack of necessary slots.


Can 2-4 more people be registered for a rented business jet right before departure?

First of all, this possibility is determined by the passenger capacity of the liner. If the board is designed to carry 10-12 passengers, then it is quite possible to organize a flight of 2-3 more instead of the 5 indicated. However, when making changes, the direction of flight is also taken into account. Passengers who were not previously mentioned can fly from Italy to foreign countries on the basis of additional permits. Their registration can take some time, which leads to a flight delay. Therefore, it is recommended to inform about the change in the number of people on board within at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure.


Can I cancel the flight due to certain circumstances?

If you have changed plans, the flight can be canceled at any stage of its preparation. You can avoid a fine if you inform your personal manager about the cancellation within a few days before departure and this moment is spelled out in the contract. If your flight is canceled less than a day before departure, it is likely that you will have to pay for the business jet rental in full.

However, Italian Private Jets primarily takes into account the interests of its customers, we will negotiate with the operator or owner of the aircraft and try to find ways to solve the problem that will reduce the penalty specified in the contract to a minimum.


Do you have a phone and Wi-Fi on board private planes?

Availability of telephone connection and Wi-Fi connection depends on the model of the aircraft. As a rule, transmitters providing satellite communications are installed on innovative and modernized business jets. That is, there are both telephone communication and Internet on board such aircraft. Therefore, the client has the opportunity to work on an airplane, negotiate with the earth, and search for information on the Internet. However, the satellite communication service in business aviation is paid separately by passengers, which is indicated in one of the clauses of the contract.

If you specify the requirements for the equipment of the board and the availability of satellite communications, then a personal aviation expert will be able to choose a suitable board in terms of parameters that suits both technical characteristics and interior.


Is smoking allowed in the cabin of a business jet?

Smoking passengers don't have to worry – you can smoke on business jets, but not on all of them. When you write an application, specify that you want to smoke on board, and the operator will find the plane with the conditions for smoking. If you are flying on the Jet Sharing system, then you can smoke only if other participants of the flight do not mind. Elite liners have separate rooms for smoking passengers.


When should I arrive at the terminal?

Italian business aviation terminals are compact and accept a limited number of passengers. The passage of all procedures requires mainly about 20 minutes, so you will always have time for your flight if you arrive at the airport within about 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.


What information do you give customers when confirming departure?

After the date and time of departure are determined, the client receives a signed contract. We send a Flight Brief (a flight program with information about the business jet, crew, and transfer features) to your email or phone within 24 hours before the flight. We also send passengers all the necessary airport contacts.


Do you have baggage restrictions?

The weight of the client's personal baggage and its volume is limited by the dimensions of the luggage compartment. The parameters of the cargo compartment are sent to the client in advance, they can be guided by collecting suitcases and bags. If you need to take something too bulky, then you should notify us about it in advance. In this case, we will look for the appropriate board in terms of parameters. Our database has a Legacy 600 liner, the dimensions of the luggage compartment of which are 7 cubic meters, which is suitable even for transporting a car.

Our company does not charge extra money for carrying extra and too bulky luggage. However, we ask you to indicate in advance the number of things that you want to take with you on board.


Do you provide transfer services?

We can arrange a turn-key flight, and this implies the selection of a transfer option suitable for the passenger to the airport of departure and to the desired address after arrival.


Is it possible to book accommodation, a helicopter, a yacht with your help?

The list of additional services of Italian Private Jets includes booking hotels and apartments, ordering cars and yachts for rent, buying tickets for concerts and sporting events. We can choose options for excursions, book a table in a restaurant and even help organize a wedding in the air.



Our guarantees


What do you do when a flight is canceled by a customer or your company?

Any case of cancellation is considered on an individual basis. If the flight is canceled by the customer of the aircraft, then we try to make sure that the penalties are minimal. If the problem with the departure occurs due to our fault, then we not only return the money already paid for the rent but also pay compensation.


Is the business jet flight insured?

Necessarily. The requirement for passenger insurance is strictly observed, otherwise, the aircraft will not be allowed to take off by aviation services.



Safety of air travel


How can you guarantee the safety of all passengers?

We have been cooperating with all the companies and aviation services involved in the organization of the flight for several years and are absolutely confident in their professionalism and competence. We guarantee the serviceability of the aircraft, the high qualification of pilots, and compliance with all the nuances of flying over the territories of foreign countries.


How are planes checked for technical serviceability?

Special ground services are responsible for the technical serviceability and timely maintenance of business jets. The responsible person monitors the timely passage of maintenance, the aircraft are allowed to take off only after thorough testing of all major systems. Private planes undergo modernization every few years, they change not only the covering and interior of the cabin but also have new avionics, improved engines, and new navigation equipment complexes.


Do all your pilots have a high level of training?

Business aviation pilots are recruited after careful selection and testing. Preference is given to those who have tremendous experience of piloting in military and civil aviation, excellent physical and mental health. Our pilots have not only specialized education, but also certificates that give the right to control specific models of private aircraft.


Can the staff on board provide urgent medical assistance to the passenger?

All flight attendants are able to provide first aid, including in the most severe cases. There must be a doctor on medical flights.


Are there any restrictions on flights for health reasons?

Doctors do not recommend flying to women in the very last weeks of pregnancy, as pressure drops and fear of heights can provoke premature birth. It is undesirable to fly on regular (non-medical flights) immediately after a heart attack and stroke. The flight may also be unsafe for people with deep vein thrombosis.


What do you do if a passenger gets injured during the flight?

If there is a case of injury, the flight attendant provides all possible assistance, if necessary, applies a bandage or fixes the limb. After landing, our service calls an ambulance.


What are my actions in case of damage or loss of luggage?

The baggage of each passenger, regardless of its volume, is insured. When flying on a business jet, it is difficult to lose things, since they are either in the cabin or in the luggage compartment. Specially trained workers are engaged in loading and unloading suitcases. At the same time, all processes are controlled by VIP terminal employees, and the loss of valuables is excluded.